by | Jan 25, 2016

There are dark times in life, times that are filled with pain, when it seems that nothing good can happen, there is no escape.  Why is it that other people are blessed with a good life, and we are not?  Childhood trauma is especially hard, because we have no defense.  As children, we need love, and if we receive violence instead, we can only try to protect and shield ourself.  This can lead to a cycle of bad dreams.

This is a work in copper and glass representing the heart of pain.  The shell is a shield, copper and rivets, protecting the heart from external violence.  The inner material is shattered glass.  It is beautiful, like a geode.  Just like a geode, it is the result of time, constant pressure, slow cooling, crystals forming in the silent interior.

In the end, we must realize that there are no dead ends.